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Full Time Veterinary Technician

The York County SPCA is seeking full-time veterinary technicians for a position in our high quality high volume spay/neuter clinic. Candidates for this position must have experience as a veterinary technician and possess the ability to work in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision. Candidate must also be self-motivated, a team player, and able to multi-task. Excellent customer service skills are required. Experience in a high volume spay/neuter clinic is a plus.

We are open Monday through Friday, from 7:00am to 4:30pm. This position requires no evenings, nights, or weekends, and offers great work/life balance! The York County SPCA is an exciting and innovative nonprofit organization dedicated to the welfare of the animals in our community and beyond. If you would like to join our team to work in our state of the art clinic, we welcome your interest.

Major Job Functions of Veterinary Technician:

  • Provide care for Low Cost surgery and TNR patients before, during and after surgery.
  • Keep surgery room clean and well stocked.
  • Provide excellent customer service while scheduling spay/neuter appointments via phone and email. Respond to client questions and concerns in a timely and pleasant manner.
  • Admit surgery patients each morning. Provide excellent customer service during each client interaction. Verify client/patient information, brings any concerns to the veterinarian’s attention and sets up animals in designated cages. Clear communication between client and technician, and technician and veterinarian is critical. This task includes handling dogs on leash up to 100 lbs, and lifting/carrying humane box traps up to 30lbs each.
  • Restrain animals for preoperative examination. This task includes handling dogs on leash up to 100 lbs, and lifting up to 50 lbs without assistance.
  • Administer anesthesia under the supervision of the attending veterinarian.
  • Prepping technician is responsible for clipping and surgical preparation of the animal as requested by the veterinarian.
  • During surgery, the veterinary technician is responsible for assisting in the monitoring of the patient.
  • After surgery, the veterinary technician is responsible for assisting in the monitoring of the patient while recovering (i.e. making sure the animal is breathing well) and cleaning of any cages that may become soiled with vomit and/or urine or feces. This task includes lifting up to 50 lbs without assistance. The task also requires the ability to kneel down on the floor and return to standing position frequently throughout the day.
  • Instruments must be cleaned and surgical packs prepared for all surgeries scheduled the following day.
  • After surgeries are complete, floors should be vacuumed using a central vac extension and mopped. All surfaces should be wiped down and cleaned thoroughly.
  • Record microchip and spay/neuter surgery information for all surgeries done at the SPCA in computer system and complete necessary paperwork including registering life-time licenses with the York County Treasurer for clients.
  • Communicate with and thoroughly educate pet owners regarding routine medical findings.
  • Discharge all Low Cost/TNR surgeries for the day. Go over post surgery instructions, vaccines, tags, medication, etc. with owners. Provide excellent customer service during each client interaction.
  • Clean/disinfect all cages and surfaces. This includes weekly deep cleaning of cages/kennels using scouring brush and accelerated peroxide detergent.
  • Maintain a positive attitude in a fast-paced environment and be able to multi-task efficiently.

Note: The duties of this position may be added on a temporary or permanent basis. This position may be required to work extra and/or irregular hours when necessary.

*Great hours, no nights or weekends! Work in a fulfilling environment, helping animals in our community and preventing pet overpopulation!*

Average hours per week: 40

Job Type: Full-time

Benefits: State license coverage and CE allowance for certified veterinary technicians.

15 days paid vacation, 7 days personal/sick leave, 8 paid holidays

Full medical, dental, and vision coverage

Pay: $18.00 – $19.00 per hour

Number of openings: 2

To apply, please send your resume to the Spay/Neuter Clinic at

View the Veterinary Technician job description and apply on Indeed.