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Minnie arrived at our shelter as a stray only five days prior to our new canine foster and rescue coordinator starting in her new role. Little did she know that this senior Dachshund would deeply impact her and leave paw prints on the hearts of all she met. Read the whole story here.

Little eight-month-old Talulah went through a lot in her short life to find her forever home, including being surrendered to the shelter when her owners could no longer care for her and a stress-induced diagnosis. Read her "tail" of triumph here!

In honor of August being National Clear The Shelters Month, the York County SPCA is waiving all animal adoption fees August 20 through August 27! We will be holding six adoption events at our shelter and Petco satellite location. Click here to read more!

We practice canine enrichment every day at our shelter! Here are four ways you can bring canine enrichment to your own home with your pup, especially for the summertime!

The York County SPCA is excited to announce that we recently hired Meagan Shenberger as our new Canine Foster and Rescue Coordinator. Meagan joined the York County SPCA in May 2022 as a Client Services Counselor. She has been involved in animal services for more than ten years and has personally fostered more than forty dogs.

Do you remember the handsome and charismatic hippo from the animated movie Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa named Moto Moto? Well, this is the story of our very own Moto Moto from stray to forever home! He came to us in rough shape, and we were not sure of his life prior to the shelter, but now this fun-loving fellow is living his best life with his new family!

On July 5, the York County SPCA’s high-volume, low-cost spay/ neuter clinic was recognized during the York County Commissioner’s meeting for ten years of service to the York County community.

The most common question we are asked – whether it’s by donors, volunteers, or the community-at-large – is “are you a no-kill animal shelter?” Often, the question implies people only want to support a shelter that doesn’t euthanize animals. Most people do not realize how complicated and nuanced that question is. The further our leadership team digs into the heart of the topic with our community, the more sophisticated our community’s understanding of animal welfare challenges becomes.

Moving can be a stressful experience for both you and your pet. There are so many factors that are new - a new space, location, and surroundings. Guest author Cindy Aldridge of "Our Dog Friends" Blog is here to provide you with a guide for how to make your pet most comfortable during the moving process.

Marrah, a black and white Pit Bull mix, has quite the story of resilience to tell. Marrah came to us with a severe skin infection, a heart murmur, and mammary masses. Now, after a lot of love and care, she is thriving in her foster home with hope for the future!

Pit Bulls and other bully-breed dogs have been the target of misinformation and stigma for decades. Correcting these falsehoods and spreading the truth about these misunderstood dogs can save their lives. Learn more about common myths and the facts to bust them!

Cheddar Paws Dog Art was founded by Karen Spidle and Natahnee Miller to help overlooked shelter dogs get adopted through their artwork. They helped some of our very own dogs get adopted!

Bubble was given a new leash on life through the love and generosity of a feline foster family

After 20 months in our care, a major surgery, and a lifesaving foster, Sugar finally found her home sweet home.

Check out some pawsome updates from adopters!

This is what your newly adopted shelter dog wants you to know.

Here's how to know when a community kitten is big enough for TNR.

When animal shelters, rescues, fosters, and the community come together, we can save more lives than we ever could separately. Senior Shih Tzu Dottie is a perfect example of what it means when we say, "It takes a village."

Three years ago, we designed a strategic plan, "Best Practices Transformation," to address our high euthanasia rates and other organizational challenges. We embarked on this work in November 2019 and have not looked back. See what that progress means through the lens of our longest-term employee, Marilyn, who has been with the YCSPCA for more than two decades.

Mary Grace forged a path with a new volunteer role at our shelter, but her roots to the York County SPCA - and rescuing animals - run deep.

The design plan intends to create a space that will be happier and healthier for cats and small animals as well as decrease their length of stay in the shelter.

Hear from our Clinic Medical Director and Shelter Medical Director about how vital vet techs are to saving animal lives and to animal care teams.

Learn bunny care 101 from our Operations Director and resident rabbit expert.

Beginning Saturday, October 1, the York County SPCA will host a “Fall in Love” adoption event for cats and small animals. Small animals include rabbits and guinea pigs. During this event, our regular adoption fees will be discounted by 50% for these animals. This promotion will last until Monday, October 31.

Ensuring the safety of animals in our community means more than investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty and neglect.

Learning is a lifelong skill, not only for people, but also for their dogs, and the bond that is created when you work together with your dog is priceless. 

After ten months in the shelter, Princess was still seeking her happily ever after.

Ear tipping serves as an clear indication that the cat is spayed or neutered and has received a Rabies vaccination.

You never know what each day is going to bring at the shelter. For a variety of reasons, we tend to see the oddest and most severe medical cases. Layla certainly followed this trend.

A Volunteer Supervisor and Dog Walker gives a German Shepherd with severe separation anxiety a second chance.

The York County SPCA was awarded a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization to help save or improve the lives of at-risk senior dogs in our community.

A single un-spayed female cat can birth about 180 kittens in her lifetime, on average. You can help reduce cat overpopulation by taking community cats in your neighborhood through a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program.

Dogs are naturally den animals, so providing them with an enclosed, secure space can help them feel safe, comfortable, and calm. These are some of the many benefits to crate training you dog.

The York County SPCA received a $20,000 grant investment from national nonprofit Petco Love during a special celebration at the East York Petco at 2420 Eastern Boulevard in York, Pennsylvania.

Meet the brother and sister duo who made their rabbit adoption dream come true.

Recently, we’ve had several community members inquire about the policies and practices of the York County SPCA’s spay/neuter clinic, specifically in regard to the TNR program, and how it works alongside our companion animal shelter. Here are some of the most common questions we receive and their answers.

Get ready to give local on Friday, May 6th! Check out our Give Local York campaign and full line-up of events.

Read Daphne's take on the happiest day of her life - adoption day!

Declawing is a painful surgical procedure that is not recommended by the larger veterinary community. Learn why and what you can do instead.

Through the expansion of our feline foster program, we are working to not only improve the wellbeing of cats and kittens waiting for forever homes, but we are also looking to save more lives.

Learn how to teach your dog to always come back to you.

Recently, our team and community came together in a big way when our shelter became inundated with approximately 100 rats.

When Humane Society Police Officer Otto Cruz responded to a call about loose goats, he had no idea what he was truly on his way to discover.

Curious about how many animals we helped in 2021? How many were adopted, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and rescued from neglect? Discover it all in our recently published 2021 Impact Report.

We do everything we can to help save animals in need, and Louise, who was here for 16 months, is one example. Read her story written by her most favorite human and rescuer, Veronica, our Lead ACT.

Mattie has transformed from a suffering stray to a handsome, kind man who’s ready for many happy years ahead.

We recently updated our Managed Shelter Admissions Policy, which reflects our efforts to continue reducing euthanasia rates and save as many animal lives as possible.

Stories that prove how wise and intuitive animals truly are.