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Beginning January 1, 2022, a slight price adjustment will take effect in the Spay/Neuter Clinic due to inflation, rising supply costs, and supply chain issues.

Seasonal allergies can be triggered in both spring and fall. Check out these five tips for alleviating your dogs symptoms.

Beginning Tuesday, November 9th, the York County SPCA will open with limited hours for the public to browse adoptable animals.

Evie Holsinger, a York County SPCA volunteer, writes about her beloved dogs and the paw prints they left on her heart.

We know that, of animals' many superpowers, resiliency is one of them. Vlad proved that to us once again. Learn more about this sweet (and available!) senior.

Nemo came to the York County SPCA with severely deformed front legs, one of which was impeding his ability to move and be comfortable. After surgery and an uncertain recovery process, Nemo began to flourish into the little T-Rex he is today.

With the help of our Humane Society Police Officer, Lucas and Ethel got the second chance they deserve. Plus, how Pennsylvania law protects animals from unsafe hoarding cases.

Learn why our Small Animal Program was recently featured in Animal Sheltering magazine, the award-winning and nationally distributed official publication of The Humane Society of the United States, for its successful enrichment strategies.

Young Godiva was a veterinary enigma no one could solve. But it never once stopped his smile. Read about this handsome guy's extremely rare condition that, ultimately, led him to his forever home.

Help us clear the shelters by adopting a pet for a price you name. Because we all know the real value of animal rescue – priceless.

The York County SPCA endures a critical labor shortage and immediate need for adopters and fosters.

As our shelter population spikes, we rely on fosters and partnering rescue organizations to help save as many animal lives as possible. Fosters and rescues fulfill critical roles in our mission, our community, and the wellbeing of shelter animals.

Learn what to do if your dog experiences heat stroke and what things to avoid.

After battling a medical issue and overcoming his fears, Batman transformed into the confident, curious, healthy cat he is today. He's ready to take on a whole new world he is discovering.

The Good Dog Advice Column is a new series intended to help dog owners in our community resolve their pup's behavioral problems. In this column, veteran dog trainer Deb answers a question about a pup's unfortunate jumping habit.

Neko came to the York County SPCA with a cancerous tumor so rare, it is hardly seen in veterinary medicine. But our vet team was able to handle it, and although they had to amputate her front leg, Neko is more playful and loving than ever before. (And she's available for adoption!)

Learn about TNR, how it works, and why it's so crucial during kitten season.

Contrary to widespread concerns, most pets who were adopted during the pandemic have not been returned to the shelter - they are living blissful, loving lives in their forever homes, and there is no evidence of that changing.

A most heartwarming reunion at our Spay/Neuter Clinic between a man and his cat who had been missing for two months.

A foster mom saves the lives of a struggling momma cat and her six newborns, two of whom were born blind.

Learn what it takes to be a foster parent to an infant kitten.

Cat owners have traditionally received inconsistent and contradictory advice on when is the best time to spay or neuter their pet. A new coalition between various veterinary and cat fancier organizations aims to make that confusion a thing of the past.

The Good Dog Advice Column is a new series intended to help dog owners in our community resolve their pup's behavioral problems. In this column, veteran dog trainer Deb answers a question about a rescued pup's unfortunate leash behavior.

We understand how scary it is to lose a pet. So, we created this step-by-step action plan for owners of missing pets. If your pet ever gets lost, follow these steps to give your animal the best possible chance of being reunited with you. Plus, watch until the end of the video to learn more about microchipping and why it is the most important thing you can do to ensure your pet’s safe return.

Our Pit Bull Spay/Neuter Program offers spay/neuter surgery for York County Pit Bulls for only $50 to ensure every Pit Bull in our community is healthy and thriving in a loving home.

Sometimes, we have dogs who really embrace the best and not so best of their breed. If we cannot find a home for them within our adopter community, we call on fosters and rescue partners who specialize in that breed. Such was the case for our oh so special Miss Daisy.

The spaying or neutering of dogs and cats is recommended for a number of different reasons. These include health benefits for the individual animal, as well as benefits for the community as a whole. Spay/neuter programs help control animal overpopulation, reduce the burden on animal shelters in the area, and decrease the number of animals euthanized.

You care about animal welfare just as much as we do. So, we are bringing you into the conversation. Our quarterly virtual event, Community Conversations: Demystifying Animal Welfare Practices, will be a virtual gathering of York County SPCA staff and community members to discuss important, complex topics related to animal welfare practices.

Every winter, we receive multiple reports of dogs being kept outside in unsuitable temperatures and conditions. Given our community members’ well-intentioned concerns, we thought it would be helpful to share what Pennsylvania law deems as punishable animal neglect regarding unsafe weather.

After the COVID-19 pandemic delayed his Humane Society Police Officer training by over 6 months, Otto Cruz was finally able to undergo HSPO training, pass with impressively high marks, and be sworn in as a formal Humane Society Police Officer.

Learn about common holiday anxiety triggers in pets and how to prevent or manage them.

Recently, the YCSPCA welcomed nearly a dozen dogs into the shelter who were previously destined for slaughter at a South Korean dog meat farm. "It is truly a labor of love," said Steven Martinez, Executive Director of the YCSPCA.

Whisper seemed like the perfect adoption candidate, but something is holding this sweet lady back.

If your dog is a jumper, they are not alone. Many dogs tend to jump on both their owners and new humans out of excitedness, happiness, or any range of stimulation. This is natural, and almost always, not aggressive. But it is also trainable.

Teaching your dog not to jump is rather simple and can be done with either treats and a clicker or simply treats alone. Watch this video with trainer Deb Byloff to learn how.

Deb teaches the concept of "Four on the Floor." That means that as soon as the dog places all four paws on the floor, reward them. As your dog learns that good behavior means all feet on the ground instead of two on your chest, they will begin to stop jumping.

Halloween might be all about witches, costumes, candy, and fright. But if you have a pet, it’s about keeping them safe and happy in the midst of all that. We recommend the following commonsense advice so your pets feel treated, not tricked, this spooky season.

We know there are few things better in the world than owning a dog. The pure joy and unconditional love that a pet brings is unmatchable. However, there are many factors to consider before adopting, and it is important that you think critically and honestly about your lifestyle, providing for the dog, and more to ensure the health and happiness of the dog.

"And once that sweet little Beagle Dachshund found her bark again, she made something very clear – she could not be quieted..."

Clinic Medical Director, Dr. Kimberly Mann, VMD, explains the cause, diagnosis, and treatment of mammary tumors in dogs and cats and why spay/neuter is critical to preventing mammary cancer.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we did not know what to expect. We feared that adoptions would decrease, the shelter would rapidly fill, and our animals would suffer. Six months later, we can say that we are joyfully surprised and immensely grateful for what truly did happen.

Fighting animal cruelty is a top priority at the York County SPCA, and our Field Services Agent, Otto Cruz, is seeing that mission through. Clam and Barnacle were just two out of 30 cats rescued from a condemned house where one resident was seen on video inflicting serious harm on one of their cats.

Trainers Deb and Cathy demonstrate how to teach a dog to walk on leash without pulling.

If your pet suffers from firework-induced anxiety, they’re not alone. Use these eight tips to help your pet get through firework season with comfort, ease, and safety.

The staff and volunteers are following numerous safety protocols to prevent transmitting the virus that causes Coronavirus 2019 within the shelter and to the public. YCSPCA staff and volunteers are performing lifesaving work that is crucial to animal welfare in York County, and it is just as crucial to do our part in keeping our communities safe and healthy.

The York County SPCA is currently asking residents of York County to schedule an appointment if they wish to surrender a pet. Stray dogs are accepted during our open hours, from 8am-4pm. Stray cats showing signs of ownership (collar, tags, spayed or neutered without an ear tip, etc.), or that appear ill or injured can be surrendered as well.