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Whisper seemed like the perfect adoption candidate, but something is holding this sweet lady back.

If your dog is a jumper, they are not alone. Many dogs tend to jump on both their owners and new humans out of excitedness, happiness, or any range of stimulation. This is natural, and almost always, not aggressive. But it is also trainable.

Teaching your dog not to jump is rather simple and can be done with either treats and a clicker or simply treats alone. Watch this video with trainer Deb Byloff to learn how.

Deb teaches the concept of "Four on the Floor." That means that as soon as the dog places all four paws on the floor, reward them. As your dog learns that good behavior means all feet on the ground instead of two on your chest, they will begin to stop jumping.

Halloween might be all about witches, costumes, candy, and fright. But if you have a pet, it’s about keeping them safe and happy in the midst of all that. We recommend the following commonsense advice so your pets feel treated, not tricked, this spooky season.

We know there are few things better in the world than owning a dog. The pure joy and unconditional love that a pet brings is unmatchable. However, there are many factors to consider before adopting, and it is important that you think critically and honestly about your lifestyle, providing for the dog, and more to ensure the health and happiness of the dog.

"And once that sweet little Beagle Dachshund found her bark again, she made something very clear – she could not be quieted..."

Clinic Medical Director, Dr. Kimberly Mann, VMD, explains the cause, diagnosis, and treatment of mammary tumors in dogs and cats and why spay/neuter is critical to preventing mammary cancer.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we did not know what to expect. We feared that adoptions would decrease, the shelter would rapidly fill, and our animals would suffer. Six months later, we can say that we are joyfully surprised and immensely grateful for what truly did happen.

Fighting animal cruelty is a top priority at the York County SPCA, and our Field Services Agent, Otto Cruz, is seeing that mission through. Clam and Barnacle were just two out of 30 cats rescued from a condemned house where one resident was seen on video inflicting serious harm on one of their cats.

Trainers Deb and Cathy demonstrate how to teach a dog to walk on leash without pulling.

If your pet suffers from firework-induced anxiety, they’re not alone. Use these eight tips to help your pet get through firework season with comfort, ease, and safety.

The staff and volunteers are following numerous safety protocols to prevent transmitting the virus that causes Coronavirus 2019 within the shelter and to the public. YCSPCA staff and volunteers are performing lifesaving work that is crucial to animal welfare in York County, and it is just as crucial to do our part in keeping our communities safe and healthy.

The York County SPCA is currently asking residents of York County to schedule an appointment if they wish to surrender a pet. Stray dogs are accepted during our open hours, from 8am-4pm. Stray cats showing signs of ownership (collar, tags, spayed or neutered without an ear tip, etc.), or that appear ill or injured can be surrendered as well.