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Halloween Safety Tips for Pets









Halloween might be all about witches, costumes, candy, and fright. But if you have a pet, it’s about keeping them safe and happy in the midst of all that. We recommend the following commonsense advice so your pets feel treated, not tricked, this spooky season.

1. As fun as it may be to dress you and your pet in matching costumes, only doll up your animal if you’re certain they are having fun. For some animals, playing dress-up can cause undue stress or discomfort. If your pet does love getting adorned, be sure the costume does not restrict their movement, sight and hearing, ability to breathe, or ability to communicate (bark or meow).

2. You already know not to share your Hershey’s bar with your dog. All candy should be stashed far out of your pet’s reach, especially dark chocolate and candies containing the sugar substitute, xylitol, as these can be particularly dangerous to your pet’s health.

3. You might be okay with an evening of strangers coming to your front porch and endless doorbell rings. Your pet, on the other end, might not be. Unless your dog or cat is the most social of social butterflies, keep them in a separate room away from trick-or-treaters (who could potentially frighten or stress your pet) and away from the front door (where they could potentially escape).

4. Everyone loves checking out jack-o-lanterns, especially curious cats and pups. Be careful of your pets around anything with a flame such as jack-o-lanterns or candles. If your decorations come with wires, keep them out of paws reach.

Happy Howloween, YCSPCA family!