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Adoption Snapshots


“It’s now been three months since we brought Argo (formerly Dough Boy) into our home, and he has really made himself at home. He makes us laugh every day. People don’t realize how amazing dogs are from shelters and rescues. All they need is some love and patience to help them realize that they are staying for good. We are forever grateful to the York  County SPCA for letting us adopt Argo.”

Moon and Luna

“Moon and Luna are the best cats around! Luna snuggles us every night and loves sleeping with the dogs. She also is a huge fan of her cat hammock! Moon is determined to kill any insect he finds. He is a lover on his own terms, but it is often. He loves his sister more than anything!” – Hilary


“Kyra (formerly Peaches) loves riding in the car, laying in dog beds, going on long walks, and making sure no squirrels come in her yard. She completed Obedience I with flying colors and got awarded the Canine Good Citizen award. She is such a sweetheart!” – Linda

Nemo and Katherine

“Nemo and Mei-Mei (formerly Katherine) are doing very well. They play together, groom each other, and are so much fun. These guys are just the sweetest, and I am so thankful to have them in my life.” – Jane


“Leslie is so sweet. She still struggles with some separation anxiety, but it is manageable. Other than that, she is the best dog. She goes to doggy daycare a few times a week and they just love her. She loves going for walks and loves her treats.” – Lori

Mulan and Jax

“We can never thank y’all enough for completing our family once again! We weren’t sure how Mulan would do, but we took a chance and adopted Jax from the kitten shower in April. Best decision ever!” – Sydney