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There are options other than surrender.

Seek Pet Care Assistance

Pets are often surrendered because the owner is struggling to provide care, and they believe surrender is the best option. In fact, keeping pets and people together is the best option, and we strive to make that possible for pet owners. If you are considering surrendering your pet due to difficulty providing care, please first view our Human Service Programs for Pet Owners. These programs provide assistance to pet owners who are experiencing financial hardship, met with an unexpected crisis, or simply need help. 

Rehome Your Pet

If you have considered the ways our human service programs can help you provide pet care and are still not able to keep your pet, consider rehoming them. This is the second-best solution for your pet, and involves placing them into a new home directly from yours. By skipping a stay at the shelter, your pet will experience a much more calm, comfortable transition and avoid the potential fear and stress of staying at the shelter.

If you do not have a trusted friend or family member who can give your pet a home, there are more options. Our partners at The Petco Foundation offer an online rehoming service called On this site, you can create a profile for your pet that will be viewed by potential adopters, review applications from people interested in adopting your pet, meet those applicants, and then finalize the adoption. 

Ask a Professional

If your pet is exhibiting problematic behavioral patterns, there could be many potential causes, and many potential solutions. First, talk to your vet about your animal's behavior, if there are any common triggers, and ask for solutions. Some behavioral issues can be a symptom of underlying medical issues, and can be easily fixed by receiving veterinary care. If you are considering surrendering your pet due to the expense of medical treatment, please contact us for alternatives by emailing

If your pet's behavioral pattern is not health related, talk to a trainer. Even if your pet is an adult, senior, or has received previous training, a professional trainer may be able to help find ways to reduce or eliminate the behavioral issue. We recommend checking out Papillonia Dog Training Academy