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A NEW LEASH ON LIFE Welcome to the York County SPCA

The York County SPCA is dedicated to providing long-term human and animal services to residents of York County through programs that find permanent, loving homes for displaced and stray animals, help control animal population growth, investigate and prosecute cruelty offenders, and educate the general public about animal wellness and safety.


June is National Microchipping Month which is a reminder of the importance of microchipping your pets! Microchipping your pets can not only lead to a faster recovery if they were to get lost but also opens up space in the shelter for more animals to receive lifesaving care.

Kyle, found as a stray in October 2023 with two other dogs, was initially scared and shut down at the shelter. Through the consistent work of our staff and volunteers, he began showing us his playful and bubbly personality. After patiently waiting for six months to find a forever home, his fateful day arrived in March when Dawn and her family decided to adopt him. This is Kyle's story.

Alice, a timid and scared stray dog, found her way into our hearts in August 2023, seeking a soft place to land. Thanks to one of our amazing canine fosters, Alice's sweet nature began to blossom in a home. However, she received a diagnosis we were not expecting. This is her journey to a happy ending.

New Challenges to Lifesaving Efforts - 2023