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Lost and Found

Lost & Found

Taking Action if You Have Lost or Found a Pet

If you have lost or found an animal, please register that animal on Petco Love Lost. Petco Love Lost uses facial recognition technology to match lost and found animals, ultimately reuniting more lost pets with their owners.

Lost a Pet?

If you lose your pet, please register them on Petco Love Lost. Since all animals who come to our shelter as a "stray" are registered to Petco Love Lost, you will be notified if your pet is at the York County SPCA. 

Also, please submit a Lost or Found Animal Report. Include a photo of your pet and detailed information. We cross reference each report with animals at the York County SPCA shelter. Every animal brought into our shelter as a stray is scanned for a microchip.

To reclaim your lost pet from the shelter, you will need to provide picture proof and proof of dog license. If your dog does not have a current PA license, than you will need to purchase a current license in order to leave with your dog. All dogs will need a collar and a leash to leave the shelter. After the first 48 hours of your pet staying at the shelter, you may be subject to a $25/day boarding fee.

Found a Stray Animal?

If you find a stray animal, please register them on Petco Love Lost.Then, please submit a Lost or Found Animal Report. We may have a coinciding report from an owner who is missing the pet and we can help you get the animal back to their owner. Often, if you can hold the stray animal for a few hours, we will receive the lost report and we can reunite pet and owner quickly. If you cannot hold onto the animal and they were found within the York County limits, you may bring them to the YCSPCA shelter and sign them in. This is providing you are able to transport safely both you and the animal.

If you would like the stray animal picked up, please contact 911. Ask them to dispatch your local Animal Control Officer, who will transport the animal to our shelter. 

Found an Injured Stray Animal?

When finding an injured stray animal, it is very important to seek help immediately. Call 911 and they will arrange for the fastest way to transport the animal to a health facility. We do not have a veterinarian on duty at all hours, so bringing an injured animal to our shelter may not be the fastest way to obtain medical treatment. For your own safety, we do not encourage you to approach or attempt to move an injured animal, as they may attempt to bite out of fear or pain.

Action Steps

  • Act immediately – every second counts!
  • Register your lost pet on Petco Love Lost
  • Submit a Lost or Found Animal Report and call the York County SPCA at (717) 764-6109. 
  • Post to Find Toby in PA.
  • Put ads in local newspapers and magazines.
  • Post flyers/pictures in parks, businesses, post offices, etc. in the area your pet was last seen as well as in surrounding areas. 
  • Contact your local animal emergency clinics. 
  • If you live outside of York County, contact your local animal shelter or humane organization.
  • Check out the video below! 

We understand how scary it is to lose a pet. So, we created this step-by-step action plan for owners of missing pets. If your pet ever gets lost, follow these steps to give your animal the best possible chance of being reunited with you. Plus, watch until the end of the video to learn more about microchipping and why it is the most important thing you can do to ensure your pet’s safe return.