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Surrendering Your Pet

Our goal is to keep people and pets together. If you are considering surrendering your pet, please read our Alternatives to Surrender. There may be a solution to keep your pet happy and healthy at home and even strengthen your bond to them.  

If you have considered alternatives and still need to surrender your pet, please complete the form below. We understand that giving up your pet to a shelter can be a difficult and emotional decision. The York County SPCA provides a non-judgmental approach to working with you and your pet.

First, please complete the appropriate form truthfully and with as much detail as possible. A YCSPCA staff member will review the form and contact you to discuss your application. A completed application requires:

1.   A photo of the pet(s) you would like to surrender.

2.   Veterinary records for the pet(s) you would like to surrender.

3.   Training or behavior records for the pet(s) you would like to surrender (if applicable).

A completed application is not a guarantee that your pet will be accepted into the shelter. Pets are surrendered by appointment only to ensure we have adequate resources to care for your animal.  

Surrender Fees

Dog: $50

Cat: $35

Small Animal: $25

Suggested surrender fees help to alleviate the costs of animal care.

If your pet has severe aggression or untreatable medical issues, they likely will not make ideal candidates for adoption. Please consult your veterinarian and explore other options, such as placement with a rescue organization, before surrendering to the shelter.