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Introducing the Shelter Scan Interactive Kennel Card

Our team is constantly searching for ways to make adoption more accessible and give potential adopters more information about pets available for adoption. With this goal in mind, in 2023, the York County SPCA launched our "Shelter Scan" interactive kennel cards, thanks to a generous grant from the Pedigree Foundation.

Before implementing this new system, our kennel cards were antiquated and gave little pertinent information about the animals to potential adopters. In early 2020, Dr. Natalie Weekes, Shelter Medical Director, set out to create a more informative and eye-catching kennel card. Around this time, Dr. Weekes came across the Pedigree Foundation's "Dogs Rule" grant. After brainstorming, we applied for and were awarded funding to create this kennel card system. Not only is this beneficial to the York County SPCA, but it can also be adopted by other animal shelters and rescue organizations, regardless of their size or how robust a digital interface they utilize.

How It Works:

All available, adoptable animals have a kennel card on the front of their kennel. When someone visits the shelter, they can stop and read the brief biography on the card. They can also see "pet characteristics," which describe the animal's personalities and potential likes and dislikes. Potential adopters can scan the QR code on the kennel card if they want more information on the animal. This link will take them directly to the animal's profile on our website, where they can learn more, view photos and videos, and apply for adoption.

This digital kennel card solves a critical challenge most shelters face - ensuring adopters have the most up-to-date information about animals in our care. It is no secret that a shelter is a stressful place for animals. These cards also help animals who don't often showcase well in a kennel setting. Seeing photos and videos of that animal outside the kennel can show their true personality, not just how they react in a stressful environment.


Free to Use for Animal Rescue Organizations Across the Country:

Any shelter or rescue can use this digital kennel card system free of charge, even if they don't have a website. There are other options for where the QR code can link to. If you are interested in learning more, please email us at

"We're very excited about this new digital kennel card system," says York County SPCA Executive Director Steven Martinez. "We think it will help our animals make a better impression with potential adopters and ultimately lead to quicker adoptions and shorter length-of-stay in the shelter."